Behaviour Change Plans

Difficult behaviours can make daily life very hard for families and teachers. There are also behaviours that may make life a little easier. Let’s pinpoint the behaviour and figure out the best way to work on it. We will complete an assessment to determine why the behaviour is or is not happening and our staff will conduct research to determine a way to change it.

"Intensive Behavioural Intervention"

Many families are at a loss of where to go or what provider is a good fit for them. We understand that a good, trusting dynamic is essential for a client-provider relationship. 
We use a collaborative, evidence-based approach to develop a treatment plan, create programming and to address any behaviours for change. Our staff takes great pride in helping others and lifting them up to achieve their full potential.

Family and Caregiver Coaching

If you are feeling like you need a little help or you need some support in your home, in a daycare or school, caregiver coaching may be right for you. We can help with relationship building, helping design tools to help communicate with each other and a variety of other services. We will identify your goals as a family and work together to meet them.


We offer a variety of packages that can include one-to-one sessions, group sessions, family coaching, caregiver coaching and consultation. 
Each package is customized to meet your needs and timelines.

BCBA / BCaBA Supervision

If you have started or completed your verified course sequence and are looking for supervision hours, please contact us. We will work together to learn and grow the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis. 

*We will happily work with candidates who do not work for Boma, provided you follow the BACB's Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts


Say goodbye to diapers! Learning to use the toilet can be frustrating at any age. It can be embarrassing to have accidents, and it can feel empowering and provide a sense of dignity to gain control over this aspect of life.
We will work with you to develop the best strategies to teach you or your loved one how to use the toilet using evidence-based research. The methods we use have been successful with individuals with or without diagnoses.
*All results may vary

Sleep Training

Let’s talk about sleep! We know how difficult it can be to get through a day when you are tired. Lack of sleep can result in emotional and physical distress.

We will work together on getting you and your loved one some well-deserved rest. This includes an individualized plan, and direct support during the day and/or night to help you along your journey.

Social Skills Groups

Many children have a difficult time making and keeping friends. By using an evidence-based social skills curriculum, your child has the opportunity to build relationships and learn long-lasting skills to use in their free time!


All families will receive an initial complimentary consultation.

Please note: All interventions are subject to revision, and results are not guaranteed. We use evidence-based practices and use up-to-date peer reviewed articles from which we base our work.